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 ====== Change Log ====== ====== Change Log ======
 This change log was started June 24, 2017. There were many changes prior to that, during early development,​ which are not recorded here. This change log was started June 24, 2017. There were many changes prior to that, during early development,​ which are not recorded here.
 +===== December 24, 2020 =====
 +Updated the 64-bit plug-ins //​NetSynth//​ and //​NetFilter//,​ after finding a subtle pointer-length error that caused crashing under Windows 10.
 +===== March 18, 2018 =====
 +Added an experimental version of //​NetVSTHost//​ 32-bit version for use under Windows XP. (File name is //​NetVSTHost_32XP.exe//​.) Note you will still need to install the [[https://​​en-ca/​download/​details.aspx?​id=8328|Visual Studio 2010 SP1 Redistributable]].
 +===== February 4, 2018 ======
 +Fixed handling of MIDI channel numbers in //​NetVSTHost//​.
 +===== January 29, 2018 ======
 +Fixed bugs in IP address handling in Windows versions of //​NetFilter//​ and //​NetSynth//​.
 +===== December 24, 2017 =====
 +Added native Win32 GUIs for //​NetFilter//​ and //​NetSynth//​ Windows versions.
 +===== December 26, 2017 =====
 +Removed compression options entirely. These turned out not to be useful, and were just cluttering the code.
 +===== December 23, 2017 =====
 +Added native Cocoa GUIs for //​NetFilter//​ and //​NetSynth//​ Macintosh versions.
 +===== December 8, 2017 =====
 +//​NetFilter//​ and //​NetSynth//​ plugins on Windows also send large single packets, like their Mac counterparts do. This eliminates crackles when these plugins are used in Cubase. Also, fixed a mistake in //​NetVSTHost//​ where any network error would cause the work thread to stop, so it was necessary to forcibly restart it (e.g. by opening the Devices/​Network dialog and hitting OK again) before the program would accept connections again.
 +===== December 6, 2017 =====
 +Tracked down the reason for messy starts. Logic Pro X starts off with a block size of 1024 until the first MIDI event is sent, then drops to whatever block size user specified in Project Audio Preferences (typically 256 or 512). The Mac plugins were not set up to handle this, now they are.
 +===== December 5, 2017 =====
 +//​NetVSTHost.exe//​ now sends all returned sample data as one packet, like the Mac AU plugins do. This should help it run more smoothly on the Mac (under Wine/​WineBottler). Also fixed a bug where garbage sample data would be sent if no plugins at all had been loaded.
 +===== December 3, 2017 =====
 +Added //​NetVSTHost//​ executable for Mac OS X (see [[http://​​blog/​2017/​12/​netvsthost-now-runs-on-the-mac|blog post]]). No actual code changes were required; this is simply a repackaging of the existing //​NetVSTHost.exe//​ Windows executable.
 +===== November 30, 2017 =====
 +Changed the way network send/recv operations are overlapped:
 +  * In earlier releases, client plugins would always send each buffer'​s worth of data, then wait for response. To improve response time, NetVSTHost would send the previous buffer'​s output data before starting to process the newer input data, so there was always one buffer'​s worth of latency.
 +  * This resulted in high CPU utilization by plugins, because they had to wait for data (despite the latency).
 +  * In this release, NetVSTHost works more conventionally (receive, process, send) and the overlapping/​latency is done by the client plugins. Each client plugin fakes the response to the first buffer'​s worth of data only. The result is that later recv() operations never block, and CPU usage drops to near-zero.
 ===== June 24, 2017 ===== ===== June 24, 2017 =====
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