UNIFY: Commercial product with NetVST built-in

For nearly a year, I've been working on my first commercial music software product, called Unify. This may be of some interest to readers of this blog, because the "Pro" version of the product will have NetVST technology built-in.

This post isn't meant to be an advertisement. It's more of an explanation for why I haven't updated the NetVST software recently. Hopefully, I'll be able to get back to that after Unify is released by October of this year.

I'd like to assure everyone that NetVST will still be available, and will remain free. For many of you, NetVSTHost and the NetSynth/NetFilter plug-ins are all you need, and you should continue using them indefinitely.

A few of you might be interested in Unify's additional capabilities for creating composite sounds, and I invite you to have a look at the press release and associated YouTube videos (many more of which are coming from my colleague John Lehmkuhl of PlugInGuru.com).