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Welcome to the NetVST blog. Here you will find news and updates from the NetVST Project.


The NetVST Project is a collaboration between Shane Dunne in Canada and Hermann Seib in Austria, to develop a way to use Virtual Studio Technology (VST) plugins across fast local-area networks.


A special VST host program called NetVSTHost runs on one computer, called the NetVST server, and the VSTs it loads can be used in a DAW program running on a different computer. This is done by loading special proxy plugins into the DAW, which communicate with the server across the network.


The first benefit of this approach is that the proxy plugins don't even have to use VST technology; they can be Audio Units (AU) plugins as well. This allows Windows-only VST plugins to be used inside a Mac DAW such as Logic Pro, which only supports AU plugins.

The other major benefit is that, because the actual VST plugin is running on a separate computer, it won't slow down the DAW, no matter how much CPU power or memory it uses. If many CPU-hungry VSTs (e.g. software synthesizers) are needed, one can simply put more NetVST server PCs onto the network.

Does it work?

YES! The NetVST programs and plugins are now quite stable, and work very well. Pop over to the Downloads page on the NetVST wiki and get your own copy. It's free.

What next?

Because this is such early-stage software, it's going to get updated a lot, so you might want to bookmark this Blog and come back periodically to check for announcements.

The other big reason for this blog is comments. We need your comments and feedback to find out what needs fixing, and any ideas you have about how to improve or extend the system. You can't put comments on this front page, but you can on all the individual blog post pages.