macOS Catalina: maybe not the end of 32-bit

Some time back I said macOS Catalina was likely the end of the line for 32-bit Windows code on the Mac. I'm happy to say there is still hope. The clever and diligent people at CodeWeavers have just released version 19 of CrossOver Mac product (a commercial implementation of WINE for the macOS), which can actually run 32-bit code in 64-bit processes, on a 64-bit-only operating system.

I am flabbergasted. My flabber hasn't been this gasted since Apple managed to port macOS from the Motorola 68000 series to PowerPC processors, without having to rewrite most of the code, by creating a fast 68K emulator out of whole cloth.

I can't wait to try out CrossOver Mac 19.

See this CodeWeavers blog post to learn more.

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