NetVSTHost works on Linux/Wine

I tried running NetVSTHost on a PC under Linux Mint 18 with Wine. The stock Wine version for Mint 18 is still 1.6, which is not adequate. However, updating to the latest stable version 2.0.1 allowed me to run NetVSTHost (with SynthEdit-built plugins) without any real trouble.

This is quite promising. While MS Windows is, naturally, the most "Windows compatible" PC OS, it's not always the ideal choice for PCs used as VST servers. I prefer older versions of Windows (mainly Windows 7), but that is now not only unsupported, but virtually unobtainable. Linux Mint 18 is a viable alternative.

Interestingly, the audio latency using NetVSTHost across a LAN to another computer is far less than when playing the same VST direct to the Linux PC's sound card. Most Linux distros have very bad audio latency to the sound card, which NetVSTHost avoids entirely, as it relies only on network APIs.

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