WavPack compression added

I have now added options to compress audio data to reduce network bandwidth, based on David Bryant's excellent WavPack compression library.

The following compression levels are available:

  1. Low quality: lossy compression, about 8:1 ratio
  2. Medium quality: lossy compression, about 5:1 ratio
  3. High quality: lossy compression, about 3:1 ratio
  4. Lossless: lossless compression, about 1.7:1 ratio
  5. No compression: 1:1 ratio

You will find it hard to tell the difference among these various options. WavPack's algorithms add none of the dreadful "bubbling" artifacts found in other audio compression methods. The only artifacts of stronger compression levels are a kind of white noise similar to old-fashioned analog tape hiss.

You would normally develop your tracks using Low or Medium quality, to minimize network bandwidth, and switch to Lossless or No Compression only for track bouncing and final mix/bounce. During non-realtime bounce operations in e.g. Logic Pro X, it doesn't matter how long plug-ins take to render audio, so you don't have to care about network bandwidth.

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