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More about NetVSTHost

The NetVSTHost program is based on an older, open-source version of Hermann Seib's excellent and popular free Windows VST Host program, VSTHost. As such, it has some of that program's nice features, but not all of them. Unlike the full VSTHost:

  • NetVSTHost only handles VST2 plugins, not the newer VST3 standard
  • You can't mix and match 32-bit and 64-bit plugins in a single NetVSTHost instance.

The present NetVSTHost is really a very quick hack of the open-source VSTHost code. As a result, several of the program's original features don't actually work in NetVSTHost, even though you'll still see them in the GUI:

  • Although the Devices menu allows you to call up dialogs to configure Wave (PCM audio) and MIDI I/O devices, NetVSTHost doesn't use either, so only the Network menu entry is relevant.
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