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 ===== Integrated online VST store ===== ===== Integrated online VST store =====
 +As mentioned in the previous section, a commercial NetVST system should include an integrated "VST store" modelled on Apple'​s fantastically successful App Stores. This is basically a standard online e-commerce web site, so an established online VST reseller would have a natural advantage in building one.
 +The key to "​integration"​ of the VST store is automatic coordination between the databases of the online store and the end-user'​s NetVST system. When a customer completes a purchase on the store web site, the associated downloads, license codes, etc. automatically become available to their NetVST system. (Amazon'​s online store and //Kindle app for iPad// provide a useful model of how this should work.)
 +Other than that, there is little to say about the notion of a VST store, as it is simply one more e-commerce site on the web.
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